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We had struggled with one hitch mare not eating well, losing weight and having very loose, projectile manure. She was put on GI Renew in late spring and all her symptoms had cleared. She was cleaning up all her feed, gaining weight and her manure completely normalized, even through our first show in Columbus, OH. She stayed home from Indiana State Fair with me and 2 days ago the bucket of GI Renew ran out. I had not got a chance to replace it, and I figured I would just wait till the trucks got home tonight because they had some more buckets with them. This morning she did not eat all her feed and is already starting the watery manure. When I finished chores, I went straight to our Feed Mill and picked a bucket up. I feel very strongly that this product will benefit horses with gut disruption due to a long list of causes, especially while they are under the stress of traveling and performing at shows!