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Almost a year ago in September, I had the best time at AFR 37. Tomahawk won breakaway horse of the year which was amazing that other competitors voted for him to be the top breakaway horse. I ended up topping off AFR 37 with winning the 2nd round placing 2nd in the third round and won the average for the weekend. It was a long cold winter and looking to start the next season off right. Unfortunately, there was an accident at the barn and Tomahawk damaged his tendon I thought I’d be out all year for next season. I entered a few rodeos with the help of my rodeo family lending me a horse I was staying strong in the standings so I kept my head up and continued to go. I took Tomahawk back to the vet and he looked better then we thought.

Meanwhile, we have changed our feeding program and started feeding Pennwoods minerals along with plain oats. At first, when we tried it, I won’t lie, I thought no way will oats and this mineral keep my horses going all summer. The vet gave me the okay to rope off him in July. We started back strong right where we left at the end of last season. Both Tomahawk and my 6 year old barrel horse, Raylan, who was learning the ropes of traveling the road were put on a Pennwoods feeding program.

The hours I haul my horses is very stressful and I can honestly say all summer my horses looked awesome on Pennwoods! They never once became skinny or looked poor. Their feet and coat and body shape was awesome through the long hard hauling season. I’m proud to say me and Tomahawk are qualified for AFR 38 at the end of September in the breakaway roping. Raylan has been out since July so he hasn’t been on the road but he will be back here in a week or two. Yesterday I got my first sample of Pennwoods GI Renew. I’m excited to start this new product on all my horses especially as Raylan gets back in the trailer and tomahawk heads to the AFR finals. It’s going to help with their stomach and stress of traveling.