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Christy O.

We bought our Clydesdale gelding 3.5 years ago from a breeder who fed all of their Clydes Pennwoods’ Essential Hoof & Coat supplement. He was in great condition, so we figured we better not mess with that. We’ve fed him that supplement ever since, too. In November, we had a barefoot expert come out to evaluate our horses to see if they would be able to manage the rough and rocky terrain or if we needed to buckle down and get them shod. She had never heard of Pennwoods before, but she did a full nutritional analysis and RAVED to us about how perfectly balanced and rationed this product is (we already suspected that).

In February, our daughter bought a Quarter Horse who had been shod his entire life (he is 11). She wanted to get him barefoot (or at least in boots). Everyone around us said he had terrible, awful feet and his shoes literally kept his feet together. They all said it wouldn’t work. We fed him Pennwoods Hoof & Coat for 45 days and then removed his back shoes. Watching him so tender-footed as she led him back to his pasture on just a dirt road was hard to do. She rode him with boots for three months. But one of his boots kept turning (and he had the “slim” one that was sized right). So her instructor said either ride him barefoot or put him in shoes.

He’s been ridden barefoot out on the ROCKY trails ever since, without ever acting sore a second. We absolutely credit Pennwoods Hoof & Coat for a major part of that success. Other dietary changes helped, too, we’re sure…but we will never be without this amazing supplement in our barn.

Thank you for all the care you put into the science of making such great products. We are grateful and we recommend your products to every horse owner we know!