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Customer Reviews & Stories

Pennwoods stories and testimonials are for informational purposes only. The information is not a substitute for expert veterinary care. Reviews are written by actual customers, and represent their own observations. Results are not guaranteed, are not medically substantiated, and may not be typical for other horses.

  • Chanel R.

    Happy tummy, happy horsie. Thank you Pennwoods, the GI Renew Plus works like a charm. Those ulcers didn’t stand a chance. He is in such a good mood and has a better overall attitude.

  • Dr. Ashley Wegmann, DVM

    Approximately 60% of performance horses suffer from gastric ulcers. Our Belgian draft horses are asked to travel extensively and perform at very high levels which has led to gastric issues.

    GI Renew Plus has helped to keep our horses much more comfortable, as well as, decrease the cost to treat and maintain our gastric ulcer prone horses.

  • pb_equestrian

    I just wanted to write to you to say how amazing your GI Renew products are. They were highly recommended to me here in MN at my local tack shop and I used them in an emergency situation with my former horse.

    I am now using GI Renew with my current war horse, a 16 yr old OTTB from Ireland who only stopped racing a couple years ago and only stopped eventing a month ago. His entire life has been nonstop speed and work – we are hoping to track his progress and deal with long term stress and ulcers.

    He’s been on GI renew since I got him and he’s starting to seem calmer, happier, and more willing to move around and approach people. Thank you so so much!

  • Bright Moon Eventing

    The next weapon in our arsenal of good nutrition is Body Builder 4000. This supplement is made by Pennwoods of Centre Hall, Pennsylvania. This is a high fat – 40% – and high protein – 26% – packed with the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids needed to condition a top athlete. We have used this supplement for more than 20 years and it works: Every. Single. Time. Over and over, we’ve seen this supplement add the special bloom and sparkle that stands out. We love this supplement.

  • Patty M.

    I believe, hands down, this Essential E Oil resurrected my rescued standardbred. Aside from requiring steroids & antibiotics initially, continuing this oil for 4 years has kept him in excellent health (considering his chronic health issues). Thank you Pennwoods!

  • Christy O.

    We bought our Clydesdale gelding 3.5 years ago from a breeder who fed all of their Clydes Pennwoods’ Essential Hoof & Coat supplement. He was in great condition, so we figured we better not mess with that. We’ve fed him that supplement ever since, too. In November, we had a barefoot expert come out to evaluate our horses to see if they would be able to manage the rough and rocky terrain or if we needed to buckle down and get them shod. She had never heard of Pennwoods before, but she did a full nutritional analysis and RAVED to us about how perfectly balanced and rationed this product is (we already suspected that).

    In February, our daughter bought a Quarter Horse who had been shod his entire life (he is 11). She wanted to get him barefoot (or at least in boots). Everyone around us said he had terrible, awful feet and his shoes literally kept his feet together. They all said it wouldn’t work. We fed him Pennwoods Hoof & Coat for 45 days and then removed his back shoes. Watching him so tender-footed as she led him back to his pasture on just a dirt road was hard to do. She rode him with boots for three months. But one of his boots kept turning (and he had the “slim” one that was sized right). So her instructor said either ride him barefoot or put him in shoes.

    He’s been ridden barefoot out on the ROCKY trails ever since, without ever acting sore a second. We absolutely credit Pennwoods Hoof & Coat for a major part of that success. Other dietary changes helped, too, we’re sure…but we will never be without this amazing supplement in our barn.

    Thank you for all the care you put into the science of making such great products. We are grateful and we recommend your products to every horse owner we know!

  • Lauren

    Almost a year ago in September, I had the best time at AFR 37. Tomahawk won breakaway horse of the year which was amazing that other competitors voted for him to be the top breakaway horse. I ended up topping off AFR 37 with winning the 2nd round placing 2nd in the third round and won the average for the weekend. It was a long cold winter and looking to start the next season off right. Unfortunately, there was an accident at the barn and Tomahawk damaged his tendon I thought I’d be out all year for next season. I entered a few rodeos with the help of my rodeo family lending me a horse I was staying strong in the standings so I kept my head up and continued to go. I took Tomahawk back to the vet and he looked better then we thought.

    Meanwhile, we have changed our feeding program and started feeding Pennwoods minerals along with plain oats. At first, when we tried it, I won’t lie, I thought no way will oats and this mineral keep my horses going all summer. The vet gave me the okay to rope off him in July. We started back strong right where we left at the end of last season. Both Tomahawk and my 6 year old barrel horse, Raylan, who was learning the ropes of traveling the road were put on a Pennwoods feeding program.

    The hours I haul my horses is very stressful and I can honestly say all summer my horses looked awesome on Pennwoods! They never once became skinny or looked poor. Their feet and coat and body shape was awesome through the long hard hauling season. I’m proud to say me and Tomahawk are qualified for AFR 38 at the end of September in the breakaway roping. Raylan has been out since July so he hasn’t been on the road but he will be back here in a week or two. Yesterday I got my first sample of Pennwoods GI Renew. I’m excited to start this new product on all my horses especially as Raylan gets back in the trailer and tomahawk heads to the AFR finals. It’s going to help with their stomach and stress of traveling.

  • Joe

    GI Renew is a great, great, great product!!!

  • Abbie B

    Last year, Chad Cole gave me a gallon of Essential E to try on one of my mares. We gave the oil to a swing mare twice daily and right away noticed a difference in her energy level. This mare came out of her stall each day with her head held high and feeling energized. Her energy level was apparently higher than it was previously. It was a ‘no brainer’ that we would feed Essential E the following year. Throughout our show season, with each passing show, I could not believe how well the oil was working for us. We went through our whole season with horses eating well while away from home and full of energy. We had two three year old mares in our bunch that never skipped a beat at the shows we attended. Our mares had great appetites, increased energy levels and their performance was excellent. We could not believe how the oil strengthened their immune systems. Essential E is something we will feed for years to come!

  • Andrea

    I have a horse that really struggles with hoof quality issues, can’t keep shoes on, and shelly feet. After trying every product available with no success, I tried PENNWOODS ESSENTIAL RESCUE. With Pennwoods Essential Rescue I saw more hoof improvement in one shoeing cycle than any of the other products showed in a year. Thank you Pennwoods!

  • Chad

    Nu-Life 2X + Biotin gives my horses all the vitamins and minerals for a complete balanced diet, and the biotin in it helps keep the feet on my horses strong, pliable and healthy. All of our horses three years and older get this product. It is the base mineral, which we have used for years and highly recommend it to anyone breeding and raising horses. We even feed it to all of our stallions, which we collect and ship semen off of all over North America.

  • Susanne

    My warmblood seemed to exhibit some symptoms of a possible ulcer. He seemed upset or worrisome during our training sessions. Just a little uncomfortable in his body at times. This past fall , I started him on GI RENEW. Within a few weeks he was happy to go quietly around the arena with his ears flopping and really relaxed. Thanks for the easy fix! I would recommend this product to all of you who are challenged with digestive system problems.

  • Rhonda

    We had struggled with one hitch mare not eating well, losing weight and having very loose, projectile manure. She was put on GI Renew in late spring and all her symptoms had cleared. She was cleaning up all her feed, gaining weight and her manure completely normalized, even through our first show in Columbus, OH. She stayed home from Indiana State Fair with me and 2 days ago the bucket of GI Renew ran out. I had not got a chance to replace it, and I figured I would just wait till the trucks got home tonight because they had some more buckets with them. This morning she did not eat all her feed and is already starting the watery manure. When I finished chores, I went straight to our Feed Mill and picked a bucket up. I feel very strongly that this product will benefit horses with gut disruption due to a long list of causes, especially while they are under the stress of traveling and performing at shows!

  • Lori

    My horse had the worst hooves that my farrier had ever seen. He had splits and cracks so bad that his hooves looked like they belonged to a camel as opposed to an equine. We honestly thought we had tried it all and had given up when the good people at Pennwoods encouraged us to try their hoof supplement, Essential Hoof & Coat (formerly called 2X Bio Plus 60). We first started feeding this supplement in the spring of this year and at my horse’s last trimming appointment the farrier could not believe his eyes. He now has no splits, no cracks and a healthier sole. I am so thankful for this product and the good and caring people at Pennwoods!

  • Kelly

    We adopted four orphan nurse mare foals last year and have used your supplements since they were off their milk replacer. They are now healthy growing yearlings. Love your products.

  • Kelly C. Skyview II

    We have been using the Essential Protein and Energy for over two months on a mare that put everything into her foal and needed help maintaining her energy and body weight while nursing her foal.

  • Sean B

    We trust, rely on and use nothing but the best. Bio Generation +HP is guaranteed to deliver cutting edge results!

  • Lindsay G

    I fed Pennwoods Essential Protein and Energy to my 23 year old Thoroughbred that I could not get or keep weight on. Within two weeks I started seeing great results. I would highly recommend this product.