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Coming Soon: Essential Omega Boost!

Essential Omega Boost is a powerful all-round anti-inflammatory solution for reproductive, allergy, and respiratory support. It benefits horses with breathing issues, hypersensitivity to insect bites, or prone to lower airway disease or seasonal allergies.

It is a potent direct source of EPA and DHA which have been proven to be the most beneficial form of omega 3 fats for horses (whereas the common ALA form from vegetable sources are difficult for many horses to convert into EPA and DHA).

In our experience with equine veterinarians, they have reported being able to utilize Essential Omega Boost in place of or alongside steroids, helping to reduce harmful steroid side effects.

• Powerful anti-inflammatory solution for reproductive, allergy, & respiratory support
• Beneficial for breathing issues, lower airway disease, and seasonal allergies
• Relief for skin & coat conditions, hot spots, and sensitivity to insect bites