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"I still can't believe, based on the great care we always give our foals, the tremendous difference there is between the 2 to 12 colts and our regular fed group. This product is the real deal!” - Reg
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Our company has specialized in animal nutrition for 30 years. We now have a product line for our friend, the dog!

A Note from Chris

Pennwoods Equine Products and the Senior Horse Diet
Over my 40 years in the feed business there have been many changes and adaptations in the feeding by horse owners. The most profound change is seen in the development of senior horse feeds. Senior horse feeds now represent a substantial portion of today’s commercial feed production, and every manufacturer has their own version of a senior brand: for example, Triple Crown Senior Equine, Senior Triumph, Senior Tribute, Seniority, Blue Seal Dynasty Senior and Southern States Legends Senior. Over the past 40 years of experience, my own thoughts developed on a sound feeding plan for older horses. This edition of Pennfaqs will address those ideas. 
Senior horses have the same issues as senior people; good nutrition is very important or maintaining good health, and special attention to high quality whey protein concentrate. WPC at 75 protein and whey protein isolate WPI at 90 protein, both very low in lactose at almost  and very easily digestible. Both also provide natural forms of the limiting amino acids. My wife, a family nurse practitioner, encourages all of her patients to take probiotics to promote healthy GI flora. For seniors, like everyone, a daily probiotic helps with vitamin synthesis digestion, regular and easy elimination, and decreased inflammation in the gut. Digestion becomes more efficient. The same effect happens with the senior horse if proper fiber and probiotics are present in the digestive tract. What could be easier and make more sense than adding a daily complete prebiotic probiotic? It is a great addition to the senior horse diet. 
When feeding any senior horse, use one of the available quality senior horse feeds and add Pennwoods whey protein 2 to 4 ounces per day based on the size of the horse, plus 20 grams of Pennwoods GI Renew which is an excellent source of organic prebiotic, probiotic enzymes and an immune stimulant featuring beta glucans. This type of feeding program is the best choice for senior horses and is the one we feed to our older four legged friends. It keeps them healthy, happy, and looking great even into advanced years! 
Finally, as usual, we all continue to learn from others, so any thoughts or advice you might have please forward to us at Pennwoods. Call, email, write, use our website or Facebook page… we really like hearing from everyone!  —Chris

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