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"I still can't believe, based on the great care we always give our foals, the tremendous difference there is between the 2 to 12 colts and our regular fed group. This product is the real deal!” - Reg
"My horses are my life
and only the best will do…that's why I feed Pennwoods."
Our company has specialized in animal nutrition for 30 years. We now have a product line for our friend, the dog!

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Pennwoods Essential Protein and Energy is a high protein and high fat product. 100% of the protein is sourced from (...)

Nature's Perfect Protein!
Whey protein has been in the front lines of (...)

Super H20 Paste is used as a supplement source of electrolytes for horses before or after an event. Administered (...)

Super H20 is designed to get active horses the electrolytes they need.
Just mix a scoop of (...)
Penn Pro B is an easy way to give your horse probiotics.
Horses that have been wormed, (...)
Pennwoods PEPY is a supplement providing probiotics, enzymes, and prebiotics on a yeast culture carrier. It (...)
The future in sound nutrition for today's horse!
Nxt Generation is the (...)
Pennwoods Nu-Life 2X (Double Strength) Pelleted is a pelletized form of our premium breeding and performance (...)
Pennwoods Nu Life 2X (Double Strength) + Biotin is a blend of concentrated ingredients used in an enhanced formula (...)
Pennwoods Nu Life 2X (Double Strength) is a blend of concentrated ingredients used in an enhanced formula created (...)
Feeding Pennwoods K9 GI-Aid will lesson the gastrointestinal effects in your dog due to:
This is the same quality product as Joint Plus, however, it does not contain Devil's Claw allowing this product to (...)


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We have three logging horses in rotation at all times with a team working in the woods at least five days a week, all year. Our horses work in all elements and conditions; heat, cold, rough terrain, etc. and we depend on Pennwoods Equine Products as a big part of their care. All of our working horses receive GI RENEW every day as part of their daily care, and we have seen an awesome improvement overall since starting them on GI RENEW. We would like to take this time to thank everyone at Pennwoods Equine Products for all you do for our horses!
Steve, Bear Hill Horse Logging, Clearfield County, PA